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Smart Marketplace

What does Smart Marketplace do?

Smart Marketplace allows developers to quickly setup a Shopify for Web3 across multiple platforms and go beyond existing walled gardens of App Store and Google Play.

What are the features of Smart Marketplace?

  • Cross-platform Compatible - Supports for iOS and Android on mobile.
  • Configurable Storefront - Allows developers to customize the platform's fees, the NFTs displayed, and the personalized UI.
  • Powerful Metadata Filter - Supports fast filtering of different types of NFT by NFT metadata.

How to integrate Smart Marketplace?

We've created some guides to help you get started with interacting with the Smart Marketplace:

How did we use Smart Marketplace?

In Mirrors Jump, we used the Smart Marketplace to quickly build our own in-game marketplace where players can sell or buy their favorite NFTs. The core NFTs in Mirrors Jump are characters, so players can sell these character NFTs of varying rarity on the marketplace at different prices.

Developers can personalize their own marketplace, for example, they can set which NFT collections to display and the commission of the platform. Allowing players to exchange in-game items freely, this not only adds interesting gameplay for players, but also allows developers to make some profit.

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