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Smart Wallet

What does Smart Wallet do?

Smart Wallet is used to send, receive and display tokens and NFTs, and enables one-click payment integration for developers, solves the issue of geographic coverage.

What are the features of Smart Wallet?

  • Non-custodial MPC Wallet - When users signup on Mirror World, we generate a non-custodial wallet (MPC-TSS) for them. The user's wallet is the same across dApps.
  • Plug N' Play Wallet UI - The Mirror World Smart SDK provides a customizable Wallet UI for your users so you can still display the wallet UI to your users.
  • Fiat-to-crypto on ramp in 200+ geographies with instant payments - Buy crypto from anywhere. No need to do a two-month-long KYB process so users can buy tokens for your dApp. (We got you!)

How to integrate Smart Wallet?

We've listed some guides to help you get started with interacting with the Smart Wallet:

How did we use Smart Wallet?

In Mirrors Jump, we use Smart Wallet, which helps users to make cryptocurrency purchases, trade cryptocurrency, and earn rewards directly in the game.

Your players, without having to understand a lot of complicated terms, without having to store private key, and without having to worry about the security of their assets, will be able to purchase cryptocurrency with their credit card and then use and trade it in the game.

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