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Various systems are in place to support you through your developer experience.

PlatformHow to submit

Discord Developer Community


Telegram Community Group


Telegram Channel for Announcements:


Telegram Support Group


Only supported for Enterprise tier

Support Tick


Please submit a support ticket to [email protected]

Mirror World Research Blog


Three main avenues of support for Mirror World Smart SDK are provided to users: Discord, Telegram, and Support tickets. We recommend checking the developer community discord if you run into issues or have questions before submitting a support ticket.

Developer Community (Discord or Telegram)

Join our Community discord. or Telegram for person-to-person support and a space to discuss blockchain-related topics, ask questions, and engage with other developers. In addition, you can find Mirror World Smart SDK-specific announcements and seek collaboration on projects. We hope this can provide a valuable knowledge base and support system for all blockchain developers, even beyond Mirror World Smart SDK users.

Telegram Support Group

Telegram Support Group is only supported for Enterprise tier Mirror World Smart SDK users. Please fill out the following form and we will create a Telegram Support Group as soon as possible.

Support Ticket

For more urgent requests, please submit a support ticket to [email protected]

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