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Marketplace | Rust API Reference

When developing with the Marketplace service on the Mirror World Rust SDK, you need to create an instance of the Marketplace interface to access these methods.

Here's an example of how the Marketplace is instantiated.

Always make sure you have an instance of the Marketplace in your context before invoking the marketplace service methods.

use mirrorworld_sdk_rust::{ marketplace::Marketplace, NetEnv };
use mirrorworld_sdk_rust::marketplace::GeneralPayload;
fn main() {
let APIKEY: &str = "SUPER_SECRET_API_KEY"; // Can be gotten from the developer dashboard
let ACCESS_TOKEN: &str = "USER_AUTH_ACCESS_TOKEN"; // Current user's auth token
let marketplace = Marketplace::new(KEY.to_string(), NetEnv::DEVNET, TOKEN.to_string());


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