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Frictionless development with NFT Marketplace, Authentication, MPC Wallet and NFT Management

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Smart Platform by Mirror World

The first all-in-one application development platform that helps developers deploy, grow and monetize their blockchain applications

Best support on Solana mobile to help you accumulate seed users in a fast and easy way


Ranking on Product Hunt

Best support on Solana mobile to help you accumulate seed users in a fast and easy way


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Best support on Solana mobile to help you accumulate seed users in a fast and easy way


Developers Building with Smart Platform

Best support on Solana mobile to help you accumulate seed users in a fast and easy way

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Fully Integrated All Solutions


All-in-One Development for The First Time

Smart Marketplace

Smart Marketplace allows developers to quickly setup an in-app marketplace across multiple platforms & multi-chain, go beyond existing walled gardens of App Store and Google Play

iOS & Android CompatibleOne-Click Deployment of Multi-Chain MarketplaceSupport for Minting API & PaymentConfigurable Storefront for Developers

Smart Auth

Smart Auth enables free, seamless, one-click authentication - onboarding million of Web3 users with fraction of the cost

FreeAll Mainstream Social Auth MethodsFiat-to-Crypto SupportedNon-Custodial Wallet Integration

Smart Wallet

Smart Wallet enables one-click payment integration for developers, solves the issue of geographic coverage

Fiat-to-Crypto in 200+ Geographies with Instant PaymentsNon-Custodial Solution (MPC-TSS)Embedded Wallet for Web2 UsersConfigurable UI/UX for Better User Experience

Smart NFT Management

Smart NFT Management helps developers manage NFTs with ease, including creating collections, minting NFTs, fetching information, querying existing NFTs and more

Powerful NFT Management APIs

Support for All Categories of Applications

Shaping the future of Web3!

0 Upfront CostFree Web3 Resources24/7 Support

Case Studies

Mirrors Jump fully utilizes the Smart Platform by Mirror World, including Smart Marketplace, Smart Auth, Smart Wallet and Smart NFT Management. All solutions can be integrated within 15 minutes.

To make it easier for developers to test features or to co-create, Mirror World offers a Devnet version and open-sources the game code on GitHub.

Developer Version

Run on Solana Devnet

Player VersionMore details

Run on Solana Mainnet

A Multi-chain Ecosystem for Developers

Our vision is to be help engineers reimagine development; to build a platform where people can create, grow and monetize their digital applications at ease

We're thrilled to be working together with the Mirror World Smart SDK to develop a distinct, seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience on the blockchain. Through this collaboration, we will be able to develop on and revise our ideas in short timeframes, thanks to the support team.

Karn Saxena

CEO of Rage Effect

Our goal is to provide a better gaming experience for our players, and we look forward to continuing our work with Mirror World to create the next generation of games.


President of Delysium

I used Mirror World for my latest project and it was a great experience. The all-in-one cross-platform development made it easy for me to launch my crypto dapp and the user-friendly interface was a plus.



I found Mirror World's solution to be incredibly convenient for integrating blockchain technology into my Unity projects.



The user-friendly interface and seamless integration into my project helped me significantly increase my user conversion rate.



The support team was always available to help with any questions. I highly recommend Mirror World for any crypto project.



Their documentation was incredibly clear and made getting started with their solution a breeze. The Mirror World team was also highly supportive and responsive to any issues that arose during our collaboration, making them a very trustworthy partner.



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Smart Auth

Smart Wallet

Smart Marketplace

Smart NFT Creation


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