Mirror World Matrix

Mirror World is a content matrix with AI powered virtual life forms in each one of its games. All virtual lives are interoperable across all games, which ensures that holders will have the freedom to enter each one of the GameFi.

These Mirrors are fully interchangeable across Play-To-Earn games, ensuring that holders always have the freedom to access. Among the existing game world designs, Mirror World includes [Mirrama], an ARPG that combines Roguelike gameplay, [Brawl of Mirrors], a casual PVP-based arena dueling game, and [Beacon], a SLG-based game.

After publishing 3 different types of games, Mirror World will open its standard economic framework for more content producers to connect to our game ecosystem. Mirror World will be an AI-powered virtual carnival that yields crypto returns of the people, by the people, for the people.

Mirrors, which have 5 rarity, are the core assets, which lead players to exprience a different game world in Mirror World, bringing different benefits and additional rewards(P2E)
More games will be brought to Mirror World in future

Game Roadmap

Game Roadmap

[Mirrama] Pre-Alpha Test

[Mirrama] Alpha+ Test

[Mirrama] Alpha++ Test

[BOM] Alpha Test

[Mirrama] Close-Beta Test

[BOM] Close-Beta Test

[Mirrama] Open-Beta(Devnet)

Token List

[BOM] Open-Beta(Devnet)

[Beacon] Assets Launch


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