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Mirror World Matrix

Mirror World is a game matrix with AI-powered virtual beings, the Mirror, fighting along with the players in the game universe. Mirrors are fully interoperable across all the Play-To-Earn games in our matrix. This means that anyone with a pass can use it to access any of them.

Among the existing game world designs, Mirror World includes [Mirrama], an ARPG that combines Roguelike gameplay, [Brawl of Mirror], a casual PVP-based arena dueling game, and [Beacon], a SLG-based game.

After publishing 3 different types of games, Mirror World will open its standard economic framework for more content producers to connect to our game ecosystem. Mirror World will be an AI-powered virtual carnival that yields crypto returns of the people, by the people, for the people.

In Mirror World, we have several different types of in-game assets and resources, which are MWM Token, Mirror NFT, Battle Pass, Energy, Equipment, Item, Loot box and Trophy. These resources and assets play an important role in Mirror World’s game ecosystem, and some resources exist across games.
More games will be brought to Mirror World in future

Game Roadmap

Game Roadmap

Mirror Cross-Chain Solution

Marketplace Release

Official Website Update

[Brawl of Mirror] MOBA Alpha Test

[Mirrama] ARPG Beta Test

[Brawl of Mirror] MOBA Beta Test

Rental Platform V1.0 Release

Tokenomics Ready With Republic Crypto

Tokens On The Test Net

Games On The Test Net

[Mirrama] ARPG Beta Test

[Beacon] ATD Playable Demo Alpha Test

[Unstable Brain] AI Action Algorithm Internal Testing

[Matrix Core] Engine Deployed

Game Live-Ops and Development

[Beacon] ATD Game Asset Launch

[Unstable Brain] AI Action Prototype

[Matrix Core] Engine Expansion


Exceptional abilities, talents and ways of thinking are signature characteristics that unite the interstellar team at Mirror World


Product Strategist, Money Guy Space Traveller in Tech Made of Films & EVA


Glass Eater, Builder & Fisher of Men


Mathematical Model Builder, Currency Researcher & Game Mechanics Explorer


Lover of Digital and Crypto, Money Maker and Memes


Seed Investor


Guild Partnership